Hayme Serrato's Martial Arts

Hayme Serrato, Certified Senior Master Instructor, 7th DAN Tang Soo Do


"Mr. Serrato is always happy, always smiling and he's a good teacher. I want to learn from him."
~Katrina O.

"Serrato is the best master instructor in the world. I'm glad that I'm teaching with him!" 
~ Stephanie B. 

Mr. Serrato earns the respect and admiration of his students. He shows the time and patience needed to teach the children. The ultimate compliment I can give him is look at the finished product of his students, their growth, maturation, confidence and respect for themselves and others have all gone to new levels and it all relates to his work with his students.
~ Jeff D.

 Mr. Serrato has always impressed us with the patient way he interacts with his students while maintaining high expectations. He commands the respect of both students and parents alike and is extremely approachable and personable at the same time. He has an excellent reputation in the larger karate community as well. My daughter never really felt a connection with any sport she's ever tried until she joined Mr. Serrato's class. We have been amazed with how much she has dedicated herself and improved under Mr. Serrato's instruction. We are very pleased with his instruction and leadership and highly recommend his school!
 ~ Mary Beth S.

 Mr. Serrato is the REAL DEAL!!! My son went to another Karate school that he just was not happy in. He said "mom, they never smile". We met Mr. Serrato in February 2008 and were impressed right away. He is very patient with children and smiles all the time. Children take criticism very well from him and he is very gracious. He makes the holidays fun with parties and plans outings such as; baseball games and movies. We have been so happy with Mr. Serrato. We have so much for respect for him as an instructor and a person. We highly recommend his school! 
~ Sandy H.

 Mr. Serrato has a rare combination of skills: he's a skilled karate technician, he is a good teacher, and he's able to build and run a successful school. 
~ Mark D.

 He has such great patience with all the kids. He loves to teach them and see them grow. He is an amazing man and teacher. My kids are a testament to that. They were great kids before and very much loved. But they did have a few self-esteem issues. Not anymore. In March of 2010, my husband and myself joined Master Serrato's school. He has helped us both in many ways as well. One of those ways is... its never to late to learn and your never to old to learn. And never say you can't... because YOU CAN!! He is not just an awesome teacher, he is our good friend. And we feel very blessed to have him in our lives. My daughter has gone to many tournaments and won first place in almost all of them. She's a great student who learns quickly and has a wonderful Master!!!
 ~ Sherry L.

 We looked into a lot of karate schools before we signed our son up. Friends of ours kept telling us to come and see Master Serrato because he was so good with their son. When we finally made the time to do that, we were very impressed. Master Serrato is someone who's very presence commands respect and yet he is kind, caring and patient with kids. That does not mean that he's too soft for the adults though. My husband signed up shortly after my son did and Master Serrato has made him work hard for every belt he's had. Now, my husband has 6 months left until he earns his black belt and he is looking forward to starting Hapkido with Master Serrato soon.
 ~ Kristie B. 

"Mr. Serrato is the best karate teacher ever!!" 
~ Payton R.

 Located at
 4 N. Ortonville Rd, Suite B
 Ortonville, MI 48462
 (248) 793 - 3312
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