Hayme Serrato's Martial Arts

Hayme Serrato, Certified Senior Master Instructor, 7th DAN Tang Soo Do

Drop-In Sessions


Hayme Serrato's Martial Arts offers a kickboxing class on Monday nights from 8pm - 9pm with black belt instructor, Destin Redden.

Kickboxing is the martial art sport of kicking & punching. It is a FULL CONTACT sport that can be practiced for MMA fighting, self-defense or as general fitness. Participants at Hayme Serrato's Martial Arts are required to wear full gear during this class.


Hayme Serrato's Martial Arts offers "drop-in" sessions that do not require a membership.
Drop-in classes are just $10 per session.

Feel free to stop in during any of these classes to check them out.


Friday nights Hayme Serrato's Martial Arts offers a Sparring Class from 6pm - 7pm with Master Serrato and black belt instructor, Destin Redden.

FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS! Come on in and join us on Friday nights for point fighting fun! Point Fighting refers to a form of sparring that uses "CONTROL-LIKE" CONTACT. The idea behind point sparring is to show that you can strike to a target area quickly, and control the strike so that it does little to no harm. Point sparring class is good
preparation for tournaments and competitions. This class promotes fitness, coordination, speed and endurance. 

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