Hayme Serrato's Martial Arts

Hayme Serrato, Certified Senior Master Instructor, 7th DAN Tang Soo Do

Class Information

  • Your karate school is a place of respect - bow as you enter and exit the building
  • The mats are your workplace and deserve the same respect - bow before you step on or off the mat
  • Your instructors have trained in the art for many years - show your respect by addressing them as 'Sir' or Ma'am
  • Your uniform is a symbol of honor and pride for yourself and your school - when worn, it should include your pants, top and belt - all of which should be clean and pressed
  • You deserve respect also - respect yourself by following proper hygiene - come to class with a clean body, mind and spirit
  • BE ON TIME FOR CLASSES! - It is a sign of respect to your training, your instructors and your fellow students
We know that you as a parent are concerned with the well being and education of your child. We understand that younger students have a shorter attention span.That is why our program uses interesting and enjoyable methods to keep our younger students focused and teach them skills that they can use for life.

  • We promote non-violent resolutions to conflict.
  • Students will learn confidence, self-discipline, and control as they learn how to act and react to the world     around them.
  • Our younger students are treated with respect and are taught to reciprocate that respect to others.
  • We praise, encourage and use positive reinforcement. We provide incentives for good academic report     cards. Students must maintain good academic standings to be promoted to their next rank.
  • We teach our students the value of setting goals and working hard to meet them.

To help students achieve their goals, they will be tested on a regular basis and their progress will be assessed by an instructor. Achieving a Black Belt is a multi-year goal for most students and during that time there are short term objectives that will help you to advance in skill level. Learning to set and achieve your goal will help you to be successful in other areas of your life as well. 

Through the years, Martial Arts has grown rapidly. It's image is no longer that of a gym, but of a school with a curriculum that outlines goals and objectives. A strong classroom structure is the key to the Black Belt Success System - it will help students to stay focused on their own personal goals.

  • A class schedule helps you to manage your time more efficiently & allow you to take advantage of more opportunities.
  • In only a few productive classes a week, you can improve your outlook, grow healthier and live a happier life.
  • We offer group sessions and you may also inquire about the availability of private lessons.
  • Our class schedules have been carefully thought out, with the student's convenience in mind.

The Black Belt Club is made up of active Black Belts and those who have committed themselves to becoming Black Belts. It is a special accelerated membership for students to achieve their long-term goals. To qualify, a student must be dedicated to Black Belt Excellence, demonstrate advanced techniques and pass their instructor's evaluation.

As a member of the Black Belt Club you are entitled to the following privileges:
  • Recognition as an elite group within the school
  • In-depth training along with special classes, seminars, and social activities
  • The best tuition rates available
  • New belt with a black stripe down the middle indicating you are a Black Belt Club member
  • Discounts on equipment
  • A Black Belt Club patch to display proudly on your uniform
How To Tie Your Belt 

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